Corrosion Surveys

CANEIL has extensive experience in the creation, execution, analysis and management of facility corrosion surveys.

Baseline and follow up corrosion surveys of condition / thickness monitoring locations (CMLs / TMLs) provide you with the quantified data to make accurate estimates of equipment condition and damage rate for shutdown, maintenance and lifespan planning.

From small-scale monitoring to plant-wide surveys, CANEILhas the knowledge, experience and qualified personnel to efficiently and effectively carry out all aspects of the corrosion survey process.

Some of the services that CANEIL can offer are as follows:

  • New Facility Baseline Surveys
  • Corrosion Circuitization and Risk Ranking
  • Selection of CML / TML Locations
  • Professional Drawing Mark Ups
  • CML / TML Digital Isometrics
  • Seletcion, Procurement and Installation of Inspection Ports
  • Scaffolding, Rope Access and Insulation
  • NDE Inspection of CMLs / TMLs
  • Creation of Equipment and Piping Corrosion Survey Plans
  • Analysis and Interpretation of Survey Results
  • Recommendations and Future Survey Planning